Why It Is Important to Accept Others As They Are

Attempting to change others and the world at large will call in for a huge hue and cry. The only person you can change is yourself and you can set an example for others. No arguments, no ill talk, no hard feelings – nothing at all for this to work out. Read on for highlights.

It is important to accept others as they are. Why? Because when you try to change others, they become aggressive and heated arguments follow.

How can you actually tune them to your way of thinking and your good habits? There is a way. By coaxing and persuading.

Just as you would like to coax and tame a wild and rowdy horse, in the same manner you use these skills to tune others to your way of thinking and change their ways for good.

But remember if you lack the above skills, do not try to change others. It is so much graceful and vital to let others be themselves while you accept them as they are.

There is a lot to learn from others. Pick up the good in others while you filter out the bad. Now that is wise and candid of you. Yes, it is the right thing to do.

Always show appreciation for others instead of finding their minor faults which you must overlook. In this itself there is charm and grace which entices other people to you.

Having people’s support for you on a mission or cause you would like is a great asset itself. You encourage each other and work for the mission or cause together.

You will know who are like-minded and who are not. Reject gradually those who are not. That way you do not need to change others but accept them as they are to your own benefit and advantage.

Summing up, never try to change others harshly because it never works. Rather accept them as they are. We are all in a delicate equilibrium because of our ways of thinking, ideas and habits. When we try to change others, the equilibrium breaks and we hurt others including ourselves.

Other than the fact that you have good persuasion and coaxing skills, remember you can only use these skills to fine tune others to your ways of thinking, your elegant habits and behavior. If you do not have these skills, it is so much better and wise to let others remain as they are while you adapt to any situation or environment they are in and their ways.

Angelica Modica

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